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Lounging on the couch minding my own business I feel the pull and tug of chubby little two year-old hands groping my clothes as if I’m a ladder to climb up. I, of course, aid in this climb by giving him a boost, and our giggles send signals out into the house. Born with a built-in fun-antenna, these giggle signals are picked up instantly by my oldest son. Suddenly there is an extra 40-plus pounds pouncing on me as well. Tyler tries out his ninja moves that I nimbly block as Declan wraps his arms around my neck grinding his teeth as he smushes his little baby face into mine.

I love being a jungle gym. As a mom of two boys, one of whom is extremely active, I have become accustomed to being jumped on, climbed on, crawled on, and in general, used as a gym-class mat. Despite the occasional smack in the face as I am being mauled by two sweet boys, I relish these moments. The rare peace and quiet in our house often turns into a wrestling match, Mom vs. TyDec. Ticklish spots are their weakness causing my opponents to be swiftly taken down in a fit of yelps. I use these moments to steal extra hugs and snuggles because I know soon enough my jungle gym days will be over.


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