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This is my first post since 2011.  I have been writing since that amazing summer during the Lake Michigan Writing Project, but in private, on my own, not on this blog.  It was abandoned.  It was only created for the specific purpose of the LMWP so why continue it?  I mean really who cares about what I am thinking?  Do I even have enough “important” thoughts to write down in a blog post?  Will I even get any followers?

Eh, probably not.  But here I am again, four years later.  This past school year has been a huge change for me.  I left the charter school I had been comfortably teaching at for 13 years and began teaching in a completely new district.  I even had to google where in the world this district was located when I found the job posting online.

I am now the Reading Specialist at a rural middle school.   I am in a new county, a new demographic of students, a public school (I’ve only worked in a charter school), I now have a much longer commute, and even the program I am teaching is brand new to the school, never been done before.  It was scary and a bit overwhelming at times, but so rewarding, refreshing, and something I needed.

So, here I am refreshing my old blog just like I refreshed my teaching career this past fall.  I am in search of becoming the best Reading Specialist I can be.  In fact, I would like to give my new job title a nice definition that I feel comfortable with.  I hope to  search out some great ideas, reflect on my teaching practices, give my new role some definition, and keep myself writing (so I may just have to throw in some other genres here and there).

Maybe one day, with my little blog, I will feel worthy enough to stand next to the giants of the teaching world, those that have inspired and helped me throughout my new adventure.


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